25 June 2014

Dear Followers

It had completely slipped my mind but I should inform everyone that I am currently writing over at Diary of The Socially Awkward Introvert. Sorry for any inconvenience!

05 September 2013

Celebrity Crushes #2

Welcome back to another “Celebrity Crush” post. Today’s theme: Celebrity Crushes that I can’t explain and people are going think are completely bizarre.

In other words: Celebrity Crushes that I probably shouldn’t have!

No seriously, if you thought my celebrity crushes of the 90’s were bad, these are a whole new level of bad.
Let the judging begin!

Alec - Continuum Alec (Continuum) [Erik Knudsen]
I think it’s the nerd appeal. I mean his character is a computer genius (well, genius in general really) and he’s so adorably dorky and cute. Although I have to say, Erik Knudsen when he was in Saw looks like a doped up junkie, probably ideal considering his character, but not pretty. Also, pretty much the entire first season of Continuum, also not pretty. I think once he got a hair cut and stopped looking like an awkward 12 year old, he got a little bit better. Now he’s adorable AND nerdy. Win.
Dave Franco Dave Franco
I recently saw Now You See me, so now I have a thing for Magicians. Apparently. Actually, I’ve seen this guy in a few things and while I was totally for James Franco – he’s gone all artsy and weird, which is great and all, but he’s lost some appeal somehow. Anyway. Dave Franco. Adorably cute and thankfully, not as young as I thought. I really thought he was a lot younger than he actually is but no, he’s older than me. WINNING. Still a creeper though. And HEY MA, He’s JEWISH!
Jesse Eisenberg Jesse Eisenberg
Did I mention I recently saw Now You See Me? Yep, so previously, not an Eisenberg fan. I saw The Social Network, it was decent, from memory. But in his latest movie, he still has some of the adorkable appeal, still gives off that geeky/nerd vibe, however now with more bad boy appeal! Also Jewish and he has a sister with the same name as me! Yeh…that’s actually a bit weird.
Bryan Adams Byran Adams
Bryan Adams from way back in the day, not old Bryan Adams. Seriously, try listening to his greatest hits and NOT be obsessed. Ok, I guess you have to be a fan of his music, but Oh my lord! Bryan Adams for the win; when his songs come on the radio, no body talk to me!
The Edge WWE Superstar Edge (Adam Copeland)
I never said I was perfect, stop judging me. Seriously. It’s the bad boy wrester type AND the fact that he appears in a whole heap of my favourite SyFy shows. Bad boy appeal. I’m telling you. It’s all about the bad boy appeal.


So, that’s my list of celebrities I probably should have a crush on, but I do. Seriously, think about it, there’s probably a celebrity you have a crush on that people think is slightly bizarre. It’s reality, not everyone is going to have the same taste as me and I’m perfectly fine with that!

02 September 2013

Book Review: Dracula





Blurb on the Back:

“My very feelings change to repulsion and terror when I saw the whole man slowly emerge from the window and begin to crawl down the castle wall over the dreadful abyss, face down, with his cloak spreading out around him like great wings”

And then a whole bunch of historical information about Bram Stoker and the books which influenced him…should have been insight into what I was getting myself into really; the font size on the back is only barely legible (it’s so small!) and I have 20/20 vision.

My thoughts:
So. Dracula hey.
What a book…What.A.Book.
Where do I begin with this book?
What can I say about this book?
What. Can. I. Say.

Dracula, for all those who don’t know, is/was a book written by Bram Stoker around 1897 or thereabouts. As the blurb says on the back, it wasn’t the first of it’s kind and there were books of a similar theme running rampant around that time, this book was just the bee’s knee’s of the genre.

Which makes me really concerned for what the other books were like because ugg.

I’m just going to come out and say it. I didn’t love Dracula. I didn’t like it. I don’t know why I didn’t give up about 3 months into reading it because I clearly wasn’t enjoying it. But no. I’m stubborn and insist on persevering.

I like the story generally speaking, I’m sick of all this glittery vampire trash that’s going around, I like the good old days when vampires were murderous villains of the night! For some parts of the book, which I often read late at night, I was genuinely checking behind doors and jumping at my own shadow but this eventually stopped because what was originally anticipation for a fabulous classic novel turned into sheer boredom and a strong desire for the book to hurry up and end.

Unfortunately it became one those books where I started skipping over paragraphs because I was so over whatever was going on in that moment. I was bored.

I persevered, I don’t know why, maybe because I highly value classic books (regardless of how boring they are) and I want to appreciate written literature from authors who are long passed dead. I don’t know. But I finally finished the book, I feel a slightly sense of accomplishment, but for the most part – it took me 8 months to force myself through that book and books should never take 8 months to read!