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It just occurred to me that I don't actually have an "about me" page. I'm choosing to rectify this problem right this very moment.

So let's start with the basics shall we?

So I recently turned 25 but who really cares about that silly little number anyway, I feel 17. 

I could spend the next 10 minutes describing my hair colour, eye colour, height and so forth, but that doesn't really give you much insight into who I am and what I'm about. Besides, there's about 100 other people out there who have the same hair and eye colour as I do, therefore it is a pointless task giving you such descriptions.

I will say this however, I am a self-confessed chocoholic and I love spending time at the gym doing as much cardio as I can. I believe this is a good combination because at least I acknowledge that I have to work off the copious amounts of chocolate that I can consume in one day.

I currently study English Literature and Anthropology. 3 years ago I decided to apply to university and was surprised to find out that those whack jobs decided to actually give me a place. If I could thank those whack jobs, I would. However, 3 years ago I thought I'd have ample time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and I'd know exactly where studying would take me, needless to say, the years have passed and although I may be a teensy bit smart, I'm still no wiser. I've always had a heart for teaching so that's probably the path I will remain on.

I have little to no taste in fashion. I wear what I want to wear and when I want to wear it. I wouldn't be at all surprised if I turned up to a class wearing an adult onesie. If by chance I happen to post a photo of something I decided to wear one day and it happened to look nice, I can assure you this was purely a fluke. I can't match bottoms to tops, I mix colours that shouldn't be mixed and I've never picked up a fashion magazine in my life.

But here are two quick lists of me in a nutshell (not literally, I wouldn't fit)

Starbucks Hot Chocolate with Caramel syrup and soy milk.
Cardiovascular activities
My ipod

Road kill
Fame whores
Growing up
Early Mornings
Brussel sprouts
The Frank Walker National Tiles advertisement

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