26 September 2012

So this happened…

I have this habit of dropping my phone, but before I go into that, lets start from the beginning. I went out and bought my iphone 2 years ago, I liked it, I bought cases for it and screen protectors, the whole nine yards because it was an iphone, it was the first iphone I ever had and I want to protect it with my life.

Eventually, however, I got lazy. The screen protector soon started to peel off and the desire to change the phone case once a week soon died out. I even started dropping it.

The first time I dropped my iphone, my heart sank into my stomach and I wanted to cry. But I picked up Mr iphone and he had survived the fall without a scratch. Eventually, dropping my iphone became a habit. Every time he was dropped, he survived like the little trooper he is.

This one time, on my walk back from work, I had a water bottle in my bag which I had accidentally left open and hey, what do you know, iphones don’t like taking baths. After a rough 12 hours, my iphone was back to normal and functioning as expected. After 2 more weeks, the camera started working as well. It was a rough recovery, but we made.

Then yesterday happened. I was in a parking lot and Mr iphone jumped out of my hand. It wasn’t a brutal fall, he just sort of fell. There was no thud noise like normal, there was no bounce like normal, it was just a sort of laying down on the floor without so much as a sound. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve dropped my phone a few times, usually it has landed with an all mighty thud which has left me with heart palpitations, but this time, there wasn’t a noise or even an inkling that something bad would result.

I calm bent down to pick up Mr iphone thinking it would be no big deal. As he was screen down (because apparently that’s how all iphones should land, because they aren’t like cats and automatically fall on the safest part of their body), I pick him up, laughing it off and turn over to see THIS



And you know what’s even more frustrating? Two weeks ago I was using a iphone case that could have potentially stopped this from happening! I guess on the bright side, my phone still works and lets me do everything I please as normal; and as an added bonus, my contract is up for renewal so I can just get the iphone 4s or something (I’m not too impressed with the iphone 5, so I’ll probably stick to the 4s)

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