24 January 2013

Book Review: Derik’s Bane

Derik's Bane

Blurb on the Back:

Derik’s a werewolf with alpha issues – and a body to die for.

Sara is the personification of unspeakable evil – and smells like roses.

Now if they could just stop lusting after each other long enough to save the world.

It’s’ always good to have a psychic around – except when she tells you the world will soon end unless you do something about it. For werewolf Derik Gardner that means heading to sunny California and destroying the reincarnation of possibly the most powerful sorceress in history: Morgan Le Fay.

But the beautiful – and slightly ditzy – Dr. Sara Gunn has no idea that she is Morgan Le Fay. Her masses of wild red curls and crystal blue eyes make killing her an unpleasant prospect for Derik…and his half-hearted attempts don’t meet with much success. So if he can’t kill Sara, he’ll joing her, on a cross-country odyssey to change her fate, confront a medieval evil – and hopefully get lucky…

My Thoughts: So this book took me longer to read than I had planned. In all honesty, it could have been finished in a day and it practically was, except I got distracted and forgot all about it until last night. But I have finished it and it was pretty good.

I like the story line and I love the characters, I think they are all quirky and interesting in their own way. I like the main plot line and the idea of what has to happen, what needs to happen and what eventuates because I think it keeps you guessing for much of the story. I mean sure you can predict little things along the way, but the comedy keeps you entertained.

What I do know is, as much as I liked the book I didn’t love it like I loved the un-dead series. The un-dead series (by the same author) was similarly written (different plot and characters obviously) but I just got more enjoyment out of the whole series. Derik’s Bane is a part of a series but it’s more of a disjointed series – it’s about his pack and not specifically about him, where as the Un-dead series follows one characters adventures while she comes to terms with being a vampire.

However, it was a good read. It was good, it was fast, it was funny and sometimes a bit uncomfortable (I don’t like sex-scenes in books) but it was generally entertaining. These are the kind of books that you use to escape reality for an hour or so; you just get lost in this world of make-believe and fantasy which keeps you entertained.


Mary Janice Davidson is definitely one of my favourite authors and I always look forward to reading her books. I will endeavour to read the rest of the series and maybe by the time I’ve finished, my thoughts will have change in terms of which series is my favourite (Wyndham Werewolves or the Un-Dead)

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