05 July 2012

Day Five: The Five Dinner Dates

If you could have dinner with any 5 people in the whole world, who would you choose? Why would you choose them? What would you ask them and what would you tell them? That is the challenge I’m faced with for today’s prompt.

[Day 5]: If you could have dinner with any five people, who would they be?

Yeh, small problem there. I’ve been watching Doctor who for the past hour and so, I really can’t think passed – Dr. Who. I’m trying to take this seriously, but who wouldn’t want dinner with Dr. Who?


Ok, so because I’m failing in my 15 day challenge and my 30 day challenge, I took some time to think of who I would have a 5 person dinner party with and what I would serve them. To be quite honest, I don’t think I want to invite any dead relatives. I noticed a fellow challenge contestants started saying in their entries that they would invite their grandparents who died before they were born or other such people, but I don’t think I would want to. I mean, sure it would be GREAT to speak to my grandmother again and there are relatives that I never got the chance to meet that I would love to get to know or ask what their stories are, but I also know how I am and I don’t think speaking to them would be so great for me. I mean I know this is all hypothetical and you can’t really invite dead people to dinner, but even in this hypothetical situation, I’d get upset at the mere sight of my grandparents, and then when dinner ended, I’d probably walk out the door with them into the big wide unknown because I wouldn’t want them taken away from me again. Do you see my conundrum? Again, I know I’m reading WAAAAY too far into the question.

If it were easy enough, I would say – I would have dinner with my Grandmother, her mother and her grandmother, just to see what stories they have and what they can share with me, I’d also get them to tell me all about the family tree just so I could help my mother out, who is struggling to put it all together. I’d also invite two of my relatives on my dad side, for similar reasons.


But in fun, I looked to celebrities or characters who I would love to spend an evening with, laughing over grape juice served in wine glasses and eating cheese fondue.

I would invite:

Doctor Who
If you didn’t see that coming, you’re kidding yourself.
Doctor Daniel Jackson
His gift would be all access pass to the star gate (because all dinner guests are expected to bring gifts)
James Joyce
He’d be there to write all about the evenings events. Dubliners Style.
Claudia Donovan
Otherwise it would be a bit weird, me having dinner with a bunch of guys. Needed to even the playing field.
Peter Bishop
I’ve invited the guy who travels through time and space and the guy who travels throughout universes; so it was only fitting that I invite the guy who travels between parallel universes.

And if any of them couldn’t make it, I’d invite the kids from Harry Potter.


Also, conveniently I might add, most of these people are associated with messing around with time, time travel, collapsing universes and other such fun events so, in my wisdom, this could work out well! Not only could I ask them anything and everything I need to know about time travel, I could also prolong the entire dinner because I could just keep going back in time. I know, it breaks so many rules, but think of the fun I could have.


  1. I honestly don't know if I would invite Pacey Witter or Peter Bishop... Because I love them both. (Obviously, inviting a character played by Joshua Jackson is obligatory)

    Also, I would invite the Doctor too. But I'd invite Ten, not Eleven.

    And you make EXCELLENT points on the grandparents front! I guess if you've never met them, it would make it easier to say goodbye at the end of the night?!

    1. The Jury was out for me too. I think Joshua Jackson would make a wonderful dinner guest. So would Pacey, and Charlie and all the other characters he's played haha.

      I just started watching Doctor Who with Doctor number 10...Rose isn't as loveable as Amy but it's still early days...she might grow on me.

      I also think, that yeh, it might be nice to be able to really say goodbye to my grandparents...but I'm also a very emotional person and it took me weeks to get over their deaths the first time, so putting my self through that all over again would be hard. Haha I don't know, it's a tricky thing to consider.

  2. Found your blog through Melbourne on My Mind.

    If it helps you feel better about 'failing' in your 30 Day Challenge. I started mine a year ago and am only up to Day 13. :D

    I too concur that Joshua Jackson is essential, but I couldn't have Dr Who Eleven there as he is the spitting image of my ex-boyfriend and that would be awful.

    1. HI! Welcome to my blog, I'll go check yours out in a little while, when I've caught up with my 15/30 day challenge. It really is hard work, especially when life insists on getting in the way haha.

      Yeh, it would be kind of awkward having someone who looks like an ex at a dinner party. I can imagine how awkward that would be. I think Joshua Jackson would definitely be the life of the party.

      Like I said, I will be stopping by your blog very soon, and thank you again for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it! :)


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