04 July 2012

Day Four! Childhood Memories!

I was having a bad day yesterday, that’s why I’m posting this today, although the date will appear as yesterday! Confused? I’m not, I’ve watched 2 episodes of Doctor Who and I’m about to watch a third, concepts of time have become a jumbled mess of confusion and all you need to know is that my 30 days of blogging will appear as 30 days of blogging!

Today’s prompt is:

[4] What’s your favourite childhood memory

To be honest, I don’t know. I don’t know if I have a favourite memory of my childhood and if I do, it’s too hard to name one. So I’ll just, name a few because – that’s just what I want to do!

  • I remember watching Thunderbirds, because even at a young age I was a bit of a nerd who liked weird shows.
  • I remember my Grandmother, I remember her cooking, I remember her voice, I remember the smell of her house and I remember her collections of jewellery and hats. Every time she came to visit, which was very rarely, I would show her the family photo albums and tell her all about who was in the photo’s.
  • I remember idolizing my cousins and looking up to them because I thought they were the coolest people on the planet.
  • I remember the sound of my  mother ringing out through my Primary School Hall when they called my name at assembly and handed me my school captain badge.
  • I remember Ballet classes, gymnastics classes, swimming lessons and pottery painting classes.
  • I remember the smell of the plastic ponies that I use to collect. Some of them were scratch and sniff, and one smelled of strawberries and cream.
  • I remember every first day at a new school and I remember how much I use to cry. I also remember my first day of montessori and how traumatised I was when my mother tried to leave.
  • I remember the fish and chip shop near where I lived, I remember when it burnt down and I remember I didn’t like the new one they built in its place.
  • I remember the BBQ’s my school use to have and the smell of lambs tail being cooked.
  • I remember my other grandmothers piano and the sounds it made.
  • I remember the temperature of the pool and the smell it had from my very first swimming lessons.
  • I remember trying to run away from home but never getting any further than the fence line.
  • I remember the feeling of searing pain from one of my first experiences in an aeroplane.
  • I remember my rockinghorse ice-cream cake from Lindale, New Zealand.
  • I remember watching the rain run down the windows as I sat in the backseat of the car on my way to visit my grandparents while music from Roy Orbison, The Righteous Brothers and other artists use to play on the radio.
  • I remember being scared when my sister was brought home after she had been born.

...and while I know there are plenty more, these are the ones that are at the forefront of my mind. Constantly popping up in my mind whenever they get the chance. Reminding me of the days of old and reminding me that life, once upon a time, was carefree, fun, and full of sugar.


  1. THose are fantastic memories! <3

    1. Thank you so much :) I'm just in the middle of catching up with blog entries and replying to peoples comments but I plan on catching up on reading your blog very soon!!

  2. Awesome memories! I love the being scared when your sis was brought home. I was only 2 when my little sister was home so I don't remember my feelings about her.... I bet I was anxious!

    1. I'm so behind in blogging, reading and commenting so I appologise for the late reply but thank you so much for commenting on my blog anyway! I don't really "remember" my sister being brought home, I was only 2 nearly 3 when it happened..but I remember her opening her eyes for the first time when she was brought home and scared the heck of me..so I remember that scared feeling LOL

      Thanks again for your comment!


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