13 July 2012

Day Thirteen: I heart Favourites

[Day 13]: What are your favourites?

Yeh, Australians spell favourites with a ‘u’. We also spell colour with a ‘u’ and just for shiz and giggles, we spell it “Cheque” and not “Check”. But today’s prompt is all about listing you favourite things.


Favourite Cake: Cheesecake
Favourite Movie: August Rush
Favourite Breakfast: Hashbrowns
Favourite Animal: Lions
Favourite Colour/s: Pastel
Favourite Drink: Lemon, Lime & Bitters


  1. Fun but slightly disturbing story: I once tried to order a lemon, lime and bitters at a bar in the UK. The barman looked at me like I had two heads, and was like "So...it's bitter with lemon and lime in it???" I was like "NO. Under no circumstances do I want beer with fruit floating in it."

    I tried to explain to him what it was, but in the end was forced to abandon ship and order a lemonade for fear of getting something terrifying and unidentifiable.


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