03 July 2012

Day Three: Clothing

Day Three Prompt: Tell about an article of clothing that you’re deeply attached too.

I don’t think there is any item of clothing that I’m “deeply” attached to. I have a couple of hoodies that are in my memories box that are from High School or from Travelling that has a list of peoples names on the back, and I’d be devastated if I ever lost them but I can’t say that I’m deeply attached to them, because I hardly ever think about them! They are just, in my memory box…so that in 20 years I can boast about the my crazy younger days. Yep, I’m a hoarder, I have every symptom of being a potential hoarder.

I did try going through all of my photos to see if there was an item of clothing that I wore religiously or something that seemed to be a staple item in my wardrobe. I did find that I wore a) a lot of black and b) cardigans or jackets. The thing is, I live in Melbourne – which is usually pretty cold. I’d say 75% of the year, it’s cold or there’s a wind chill factor; basically there is always a reason to be cold here in Melbourne. My wardrobe seriously lacks, everything. I don’t have enough light-weight clothes for the summer and I definitely don’t have enough warm clothes for the winter. When I’m cold, I have to wear anything that I find in my wardrobe that’s clean. This usually means wearing 2 cardigans, a jacket, scarf, pair of gloves and so on and so forth – seriously, I feel the cold very easily. I remember last year when I wasn’t carrying around so much insulation (bodyfat) and suddenly it felt a WHOLE WORLD COLDER.


  1. That amount of cold sounds seriously unpleasant- at least for me, anyway. I love your jacket in the first picture though :)

    xo, samantha

    1. Oh it really can be! Especially because I grew up around beaches or in warmer places in Australia. Moving here was a bit of a shock in temperature :) Thank you for your comment!

  2. I would probably freeze. I am one who gets cold easily also. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    1. You're welcome! Thank you for stopping by mine :)

      Yeh...I'm sitting here right now with the heating on in my house hoping I warm up soon. I'm in desperate need of a really good summer!


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