17 August 2012

Snap Shot Share Time #1

This is the week that was:

(My Boyfriends ‘awesome’ parking skills.)

(After setting up before the battle of the bands)

As for today: When I was on my way to the gym, I went around a roundabout (in wet weather) and as I was exiting the roundabout I heard a skidding noise behind me. Looked in my rear-view mirror in time to see a ute driver loose control of his ute going around the turn. He then proceeded (because he was lucky enough NOT to hit anything in his 360 degree turn) to speed up behind my car and tailgate me the whole way to the next traffic lights. P.s. This isn’t my first incident with roundabouts, a few weeks ago a truck tried to take me out by. OH and last night, I was in the passengers side of my boyfriends car and a truck driver wasn’t paying attention and started veering into our lane while we were right next to him. Cars & Trucks don’t like me right now.

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