21 August 2012

The day the Music died…

Ok, so I’m probably being slightly melodramatic with my title, but that’s how I feel right now. I’m distraught! On a side note, when I say ‘distraught’, every time, without fail, I think of Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter. Which by the way, there are apparently no GIFs for; you fail world.

Any who, on with my story. Last Thursday I was off playing ‘roadie’ for my boyfriends cover band. This basically just means I’m a pack horse – but an awesome one at that. I lift heavy equipment out of the car, haul it into the venue and then continue to impress people with my ability to put a drum kit together, or at least to assist in putting a drum kit together. I digress. I had my handbag in the car, which was no big deal because I had all of it’s important contents with me. I had however, put my ipod in my bag before leaving the house and at some point, I remember it falling out of my bag on the drive to the gig venue. It was no big deal, I knew it was on the floor around my feet and I was just too damn lazy to pick it up.

This was the last time I saw my ipod. I don’t know if I accidentally kicked it out of the car when I got out, but it vanished from the floor. Everything else remained in tact and untouched, but my ipod vanished. It is completely possible that I kicked it out of the car without noticing. I don’t believe anyone had access to the car and would intentionally steal a hot pink ipod with One Direction and Glee songs. If someone did intentionally steal it, then they are laughing their asses off at my ridiculous collection of music.

That there is the reason I am so distraught about losing my ipod. My boyfriend offered to give me his, my sister suggested I just use my iphone and upload my music to that, but this is all beside the point. I know I can sit here and upload songs to my iphone, it’s really no big deal. But for me, my ipods (because I’ve had a few of them over the years) have been like diaries to me. They possess some of the most ridiculous songs known to man kind, they have contained happy songs, sad songs, dance songs, rock songs, songs I listened to when I questioned life, songs I listened to when I loved life; there were songs for when I caught up with friends; there were songs for when I broke up with ex-boyfriends; there were songs from Contiki tours (for anyone who has had a “Wake-Up Song", “Party Song” and “Day Song”, you’ll know how attached to those songs you can get) and so on an so forth. An ipod (or any music storing device) can contain a world of music that you don’t let anyone see, because it can feel like your own private collection that only you understand.

I would rather people go through my phone or my emails than go through my ipod. That’s how deeply I feel about my music collection. Music for me has always had a very strong role in my life. There are times where a song will come on the radio and it’s exactly the song I need to hear at that exact moment. Music is just way too powerful for me. My ipods have always had that control, they have all the songs I have ever needed within them.

The problem is, I don’t back up my songs on itunes, I usually have a new computer before I have a new ipod, so my music collections get the old heave—ho when the computer goes, so every time I’ve needed a new ipod, I’ve pretty much had to start from scratch.

I’ve had 3 ipods in my lifetime. The first two gave me the black screen of death and could never be revived, but this 3rd ipod is the first one that I’ve actually LOST. It doesn’t make it any easier but it certainly is frustrating.

I guess the one good thing is, if someone did pick it up, they can have a good old laugh at the shiteous music I had in there, but at the back of my mind, if they did pick it up – they might as well have seen me naked – even though I didn’t write, record or produce the music that’s on there, they are still years of confessions or truths that were stored away where I could hear them and now they are gone.



I guess the positive out of all of this is now I get to rebuild my library. So Blog-o-sphere, What Music should I have have in my Music Library?


  1. I've had iPods die on me and lost a little shuffle one I worked out with before. I never thought to be embarrassed by my music selections, but I should've thought about it.

    Recently my laptop crashed and I hadn't backed up my files. I lost all the music. THE MUSIC REALLY DIED.

    I feel your pain.


    1. Oh dear, yes - I shouldn't complain. I've had that happen before and it was devastating. My thoughts are with you at this sad time :)

  2. Girl, I hear you! iPods are like little musical windows into our souls. They're like little time capsules. I've owned 2 iPods in my life. TWO. In fact, I cried when I traded in my iPod Mini (remember those?) to upgrade to a Touch. I cried. In the Apple store!

    1. Thank you for your comment, I'm so glad you agree.

      I've been using my iphone to store my music for a while now (since I lost my ipod) I know the general idea is you can keep your music in your phone and keep it all together, but it's just not the same. I want my ipod back hahaha.


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