28 August 2013

Etsy Love #1

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time on Etsy. It probably has something to do with the Harry Potter bracelet I bought myself for my birthday a few months ago. Seriously. Love. That. Bracelet. What was even more awesome about that bracelet was the seller could modify it to how you wanted to it, so I got exactly what I wanted!

Anway, I think I like etsy just because of it’s simplicity. I like how the products (some) people sell have heart and soul.

Here are just a few items I’ve grown attached to on Etsy this week…

Vintage Lomo Camera
The co-op shop at my university are actually selling cameras like these at the moment. I just think they are amazing, I love the style of photography, I love the vintage feel and I just love everything about it! I can’t justify purchasing a camera however because I simply don’t do enough or get out enough to take photos; but the desire is there!
Love earings
I have more cartilage piercings in my ears than an onion has layers. Ok that’s a bit of an exaggeration but I do have quite a few piercings in my ear. I actually stopped wearing earrings for almost 10 years but now that I’ve started wearing them again I’m trying to think of new and creative earrings to wear. When I saw these I knew I had to have one (eventually!)
Candle Food Scented
I know a shop that sells soy candles and there is one there that I can’t get enough of. I spend like half an hour in that shop just smelling this candle (luckily I know the people who own the shop, so it’s not so weird for me to stand in there smelling candles for half an hour). But these candles are super cute and I just had a look at the sellers page and there is such a variety of beautiful candles!
Hamsa Necklace
I absolutely adore how dainty and sweet this Hamsa necklace is. That’s all I can really say about it because that’s exactly how I feel. I think it’s perfect because I don’t like over the top jewellery, I just like simplicity and this is just stunning. This seller also sells a variety of really simple but stunning jewellery.
Deathly Hallows Necklace
I know I have the deathly hallows on a bracelet, but I need it in necklace form too! This isn’t as dainty and sweet as the previous necklace, but I feel like I could wear this on one of my ‘nerd love’ days. (The days where I don’t care what you think, I’m going to be a nerd and proud of it – which is everyday…). Actually this seller has quite a variety of really nice products; I think I need to look into this a bit more!





So, who else is an Etsy Addicted?

*All images link back to the Etsy Seller webpage

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