28 August 2013

Celebrity Crushes #1

Welcome to the first instalment of a blog series I like to call “Celebrity Crushes”. It’s pretty self explanatory really, it’s a post all about my celebrity crushes!

The first edition: Celebrity Crushes of the 90’s.
You’re going to judge me. You’re going to judge me hard.
I’m not going to apologise for any of these.

Devon Sawyer Devon Sawyer
I’m putting Devon Sawyer first, not because he was my first ever celebrity crush (I don’t actually know who was) but because he comes with a huge asterisk next to him. Devon Sawyer was definitely one of my celebrity crushes of the 90’s but for one reason and one reason only: Casper. I seriously cannot name anything else this guy was in and I only had a crush on him because of the split second that he appears in Casper and dance with Christina Ricci about 1 foot off the ground. Awesome
Nick Carter Nick Carter
Nick Carter was probably the first singer I had a crush on. In hindsight, it’s not the best crush to ever have, but in hindsight, he isn’t the worst either? Right? Who the hell cares, at 12 I thought he was the best thing that ever happened to music, like, ever. I don’t believe this anymore, but it was the 90’s and I was young.I told you you were going to judge me.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Jonathan Taylor Thomas
I’m not going to apologize for this one simply because I know a million other girls of the 90’s were of the same mind frame as me. Not only was I a Home Improvement fan, but this kid was in my all time favourite movie, EVER – The Lion King. Enough said. Hell, I’d still jump his bones. Wait, I didn’t want to jump his bones when I was 10. I mean. Wait. Hand on. I still have a celebrity crush on him is what I meant to say….

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Mark Paul Gosselaar
A friend once yelled at me because I spend 30 minutes ignoring her. When I told her why I was ignoring her (I think we were talking online) she was livid. I believe her words were something like “YOU WERE IGNORING OUR CONVERSATION FOR A GUY FROM THE 80’S, HE’S PROBABLY 90 BY NOW!” Correction, dear friend, he wasn’t 90 by that stage. Might I add it’s now 2013 and he is damn fine these days!

Joshua Jackson Joshua Jackson
Remember when I said I couldn’t remember who my first ever celebrity crush was?

I lied.

THIS GUY! Enough Said. He wins.


  1. My first crush was Michael J. Fox, because I'm old. But like Back to the Future Michael J. Fox, not sit-com Michael J. Fox.

    1. Ooo, Nice choice. I love that movie. Pint size Elijah Wood was adorable in that movie (for 0.01 seconds). But good choice with J.Fox!


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