10 July 2012

Day Ten: Embarrass yourself!

So today’s prompt is:

[Day 10]: What is your most embarrassing moment?

and as is the case when anyone asks me this question, I freeze up and have a huge brain fail because I cannot recall my most embarrassing moment. It’s not like I haven’t had thousands of embarrassing moments, I just can’t recall them when I need to and when I don’t need to remember them – they sneak up on me and surprise me. Thanks for that, brain! So what am I left with? The time I had one too many Sangria drinks in Spain, or the Attitude Adjusters that altered my state of mind in Venice? Or do I go with every first day of semester when I have to introduce myself to a whole new group of people and my face turns bright red with embarrassment?

To be quite honest, I can’t nail down one particular memory because there are far too many of them and like I said, my brain saves those memories for the moments where I really don’t need to be thinking of cringe-worthy things that I’ve done. So instead of talking about a particular memory, I’m going to try and talk about these embarrassing moments in general.

Throughout my life, there have been moments that have been varying degrees of embarrassing. The moments where you want to cringe or the moments where you just want to hide under a rock and never emerge. When I was 4 or 5, I remember being at a friends house and being so scared to use their bathroom because I was scared of my friends older brother, that it resulted in a very wet accident. I can assure you there was nothing sinister going on, people just scare me. That was one of the times you just never want to think about but occasionally pops into your head just to screw with you a bit. There are also those times that were alcohol induced but you can still remember them as clear as day and it doesn’t help that there is photographic evidence, those moments are especially devilish because even though you can blame it on the alcohol, there’s still no escaping that it was you and you really did dance on a table for fun.


Oh look, I’ve already managed to rattle off two embarrassing stories for you. But like I keep saying, embarrassing moments are just that not necessarily because of how cringe worthy they are when you are in the moment, no, they are so frustrating because they tend to stick with you and that back of your mind, waiting for the right moment where you shouldn’t be thinking about them, and they just pop into yours mind. Like during job interviews, while your watching a movie or while your in the middle of a very serious situation.

Job Interviewer: “So Kerri, Why should we hire you”

Kerri’s mind: “OK PEOPLE, Play that movie of when Kerri crashed her ex-boyfriends car”

Kerri: “…*turns bright red and then starts to cringe*…”

That really did happen by the way, well not the interview, although there have been times where I have been sitting outside waiting to go in for an interview and something hilariously inappropriate enters my mind. But the car thing, really did happen.

Unfortunately right now, I can’t think of any more specific moments in my life where something has been super embarrassing, although I do know they exist and I do know they will pop up at the worst possibly time. The worst part about these memories is that they are very hard to get rid of, they are always going to be there and I’m always going to cringe when I remember them. Although some of them are hilarious, for people like me, the constant reminder of those moments is enough to make us cry and as that painful memory replays itself in our heads, we wish we could do anything to make it go away and to go back in time and relive the moment differently. But I guess at the end of the day, that’s life, embarrassing moments and all! Some are hilarious, some make us cringe and some make us want to run and hide, but they are just one more piece of evidence that we live lives that aren’t written out perfectly for us, we take each step and we enter each moment differently and sometimes those steps give us good memories, sometimes those steps give us bad memories and then all the other times get left in the “embarrassing moments” box waiting like a jack-in-the-box to be let out when we “need” them the most.

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