27 August 2013

Confessions of a bad Blogger

Hey there!

Remember me?

I’m that blogger who sometimes watches James Bond movies, occasionally reads a book or two but more often then not, blogs about random things because I really have no idea what I really want to blog about.

Ring any bells?


Well, not to worry, I’m here now and I’m writing a blog, which is something. Hell, just typing the title was an achievement for me today. No seriously, I haven’t even been able to consider writing a blog since the beginning of the year and that’s a horrible feeling.

My semi-legitimate, semi-ridiculous, reason for not being able to blog has something to do with the fact that I have zero time and zero energy (doesn’t help that I have zero things to write about…)

For all those who don’t know, I’ve been studying for a diploma of some kind that will allow me to partake in some sort of work or something. Vague I know. The point is I’ve been so busy spending time on assignments, in lectures, in tutorials, racking up some workplace experience hours and maintaining my part time job that I have little time to do much else. Seriously, I hardly have time to sleep!

I will take this moment to have a small vent about my university, but basically they changed the course I’m in but forgot to change certain aspects of it; so it is now expected that we do 28 hours of work in a 24 hour time period. Basically. In it’s simplicity.

Today started my attempt to revamp my blog in order to motivate me into writing (I think it’s working?) I’m trying not to revamp it too much though; if you’ve been around from the beginning, you know that a revamp usually means a complete overhaul of my blog and I land up starting from scratch. Which I’m trying to avoid. I’m just trying to eliminate some of the clutter and make things a little bit more coherent. I apologise in advance for the inconvenience, but it’s a work in progress.

In the mean time. Yay for new ‘beginnings’?

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